Adult Classes

Adult Sunday School Classes begin at 10:00 a.m.

Classes for children and youth meet during the same time. Nursery/childcare is available for children up to age 5.

All classes dismiss in time for the worship experience.

At Praise Community Church, we believe that learning together is an important part of Christian growth. That is why we set aside time every Sunday for the entire church to grow through learning. Recognizing the diverse spiritual life of our congregation, we have many adult classes that cover a wide-range of topics and age groups. We have classes for senior adults, for new members, and for persons interested in pursuing a deeper walk with the Lord. In short, there are classes for everyone.

Below you will find some basic facts about each class, along with a brief description of what the class is studying and its approach to the material. It is impossible to capture the flavor of a class in a single paragraph; but, perhaps this guide will help you find a place to begin exploring. All our classes provide support and fellowship to their members.

And, that is exactly what we hope you will do: explore. Learning about God is an exciting journey. Our goal at PCC is to be co-learners with you as we all journey together. Look around, find a class that fits where you are right now in your journey, and jump on board. Become part of this thinking, feeling, and healing community of faith.


Next Steps

Hospitality Room

Next Steps is a 4-week required class to become a member of Praise Community Church. It meets the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sundays and should be taken in numerical order. Next Steps leads you through a step-by-step process of growth, connection and leadership.

Fresh Start

Room C - 109

This class is designed for new Christians who are just starting out on their journey with Christ. This is a two month course designed to show converts the basic tools they need to become successful lifelong Christians. You must register at the information desk in order to take this class.

Teacher: Ruth Hughes


The Overcomers

Room C - 116

Applying Scripture to produce practical victorious living, classroom discussion is encouraged and hard questions are never avoided. The class is currently studying The Authority of the Believer and is a great resource for those who feel defeated.

Teacher: Mike Albright



Room C - 101

A young married couples class that studies the precepts of God’s word and helps couples grow stonger by strengthening their marriage through Biblical instruction. Discussion takes place in a relaxed living room atmosphere, sitting on couches, not classroom chairs. Currently studying Kingdom Marriage, by Tony Evans.

Teacher: Chuck and Crystal Corvin



Room B - 144

This class is comprised of members of all ages that can join in a discussion of Biblical topics. All are welcome to join. The class uses the Church of God Sunday School curriculum.

Teacher: C.C. Ezeanya.


Connection Bible Class

Room B - 142

This class studies different books of the Bible and all ages are welcome. Creating community is an important aspect for the class. In addition, we support mission opportunities with finances and service. We have observed what prayer and God’s presence in our lives can accomplish.

Teacher: Pastor JR Stone


Life In The Word

Room B - 143-5

This is an intergenerational class that tries to live up to its name – one that engages in conversation as we learn together what it means to be a Christian in the world today. We strive to be thinking Christians who put our faith into action. The class uses both book studies as well as Scripture study.

Teacher: Dr. Lloyd Looney


Market Place Christianity

Room B - 138

This class revolves around discussions of contemporary issues of church, religion and faith that will give you the tools to take your faith into the Marketplace of the world.

Teacher: Dwayne Faircloth



Room C - 111

This class will challenge you to live a Victorious life in Jesus. Sit back and discover hidden truths that are in scripture that will encourage believers to follow after Jesus.

Teacher: Raymond Roberts