Young Married Couples
This group meets once a month on the first Sunday of every month from 5pm-7pm in the home of Chawn and Tennille Wilson. Children are welcome! While the adults meet up stairs the kids are cared for downstairs where they play games, eat pizza and have a lot of fun.
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Ladies Bible Study
This group meets every other Thursday at 7pm at the church in room B-144 and is led by Marie Hardy. They are currently doing a series on cults.
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Men's Fellowship
This group meets every Wednesday at the church at 7 pm in room B-145 and is led by Mike Albright. The group is on break for the summer and will resume when school is back in session.
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Finally Free
This group meets bi-weekly on Thursdays at Grayson Coffee House at 7pm and is led by Latonya Smith. They discuss what it means to be truly free in Christ. You will enjoy a nice evening of food, fun and encouraging one another with the Word of God.
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Lights of the World
This group meets on the 3rd Friday of the month at 7pm at Novi Nelson's house. They have a great time laughing, eating and sharing the Word of God with each other in a unique way.
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Moms with Special Kids
Led by Holly Terei, this is a group of ladies who are moms that have special needs kids. They meet at various locations in the Lawrenceville/Snellville area. These moms can just relax and have fun, sharing the Word of God with one another, and discussing the different challenges and solutions unique to them.
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Precepts Bible
This group meets Thursday nights at 7pm at the home of Lorie McBride. If you want to explore the hidden truths of God’s word, and be challenged to live a victorious life, then this is the small group for you.
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Meaning "fellowship" in Greek, this group meets at the home of Brian and Sharri Siegmund on the Second Sunday of every month from 6pm-8pm. This group is comprised of people of all ages, and has a great time of fellowship, food, and discussion time about a video they will watch. They conclude with prayer for one another.
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Keys to the Treasure
This group meets Wednesday nights at 7pm at the church in the Hospitality Room. This series is only offered sporadically, so you must sign up at the information desk or it may not be meeting. The class will help you to get out of debt and become financially free.